The capital and most densely populated city of Tennessee, Nashville is home to about 670,820 people. Also the 23rd largest city in the US, it sits at the very heart of Tennessee in Davidson County. It is a mere 4-hour flight from Los Angeles and a two-hour flight from New York!

Did you know Nashville is also called the “Music City?” Here’s a little bit of history: Nashville earned this moniker in 1871 when a group of Choir Singers named the “Fisk Jubilee Singers” started a fundraising tour to raise funds for their school, Nashville’s very own Fisk University.

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Nashville’s Economic Climate

It was said that aspiring artists from all over the country consider Nashville as the “Music Mecca” of the USA as history has noted countless music stars either were Nashvillians or got discovered there. True enough, the music industry owes a lot to Nashville. Aside from its renowned stardom in the music industry with its rich musical heritage and culture, Nashville is also is noted for its robust and ever-growing economy.

The region’s economic stability has indeed been noted through the years, not only as of the heart of the music industry but mainly, of course, with the other noted industries that constituted as the main player for its economy.  The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce proudly shows off its Regional Statistics as published by the Healthcare Council Economic Impact Study last September 2018.

Nashville consistently ranks the lowest in cost of living compared to the largest cities across the nation, including: San Francisco (CA), Chicago (IL), Washington, DC, Boston (MA), New York, and Dallas (TX).

Most recent studies show that the overall cost of living in Nashville has gone down to -4.8%, which is lower than the National Average, with major components like housing, utilities, groceries, etc., are typically below the national average.

Nashville’s real estate industry is flourishing, as these recent digits from the Greater Nashville REALTORS® show:







The trends of the real estate market still pose to be quite promising for 2021!

According to Niche, Nashville ranks; #6 in the Best Places to Raise a Family, #47 in the Best Cities To Buy A House in America, also earned the number 27th spot for 50 Best Places to Travel by Travel + Leisure’s list. With these rankings and citations from all over, there’s no doubt that Nashville has been seen with an intensely promising year ahead, more so as we show continuous growth despite the pandemic, with more and more investors moving in.

Climate in Nashville

Before you jump right in living in Nashville with us, it’s crucial to note the type of weather/climate system it has that could make or break your stay here. According to the US Climate Data Statistics, Nashville is known for having an extreme annual temperature.

Annual Temperature (High)70ºF
Annual Temperature (Low)49ºF
Days per Annum with Precipitation119 days
Annual Hrs w/ sunshine2,634 hours
Annual Precipitation (Average)47.25 inches
Annual Snowfall     (Average)7 inches

Last month alone, we read about 47 degrees Fahrenheit high and 28 degrees Fahrenheit low with 12 days with precipitation and 123 hours of sunshine.

It’s also important to note on usual Risks and Natural Disaster Threats we have in Nashville:

  • Tornadoes
  • Flash floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Winter storms
  • Tropical depression
  • Severe thunderstorms
  • Earthquakes

These conditions pose as usual threats not only to us but mostly to our homes. Noting what to expect from the weather and climate could help us plan, especially when maintaining our homes/properties. 

Gutter Services in Nashville 

Here in Nashville, we can’t stress enough how important Gutter Systems are. You’ll be more than happy to note, though, that we have lots of professional Local Gutter Service Providers for your home needs!

Here are some actionable tips for finding the right contractor just right for the job:

1. Do Your Homework – Nothing beats staying on top of the game by planning and learning ahead. Shopping around for the best contractor starts with understanding the gutter problem and know the right service for it. Check local roof & gutter service contractors in your area!

2. Check your local directory on top performers for gutter services in your area. Ask around on the best rating contractors based on their experiences and pick the best three.

3. Ask about the contractor’s Insurance and determine the length of guarantees for both labor and materials. Learning about this very fine detail could save you more time and costs in the long run.

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4. Request for Service Quotes and Estimates when doing inquiries for your contractors. Never go for those that ask you to DECIDE RIGHT AWAY. The usual sales strategy “creating the need” doesn’t always apply, especially if you are after the best and long-lasting results for your home. Always get at least three contractors to inspect your home and provide you a free quote and compare them before deciding to hire them. 

Here are Nashville’s Top 3 Contractors Per Service:

Best Gutter Installations in Nashville

Mobley Brothers Roofing and Restoration

Launched in 2007, the company started as a division of Mobley Brothers Construction LLC that Mike and David Mobley as a roofing company in Knoxville, TN, because they saw the need for factory-trained and experienced roofers to serve the area in Eastern Tennessee. Since their launch, they’ve grown to offer more than just mere roof replacements. You’ll also be confident to note that they are at Rank A+ accreditation via the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2015 for their 14 years of service. 

All American Gutter Protection

Claiming over 50 years of experience in safeguarding and protecting homes with their top-notch guttering service, All American Gutter Protection has widely expanded across 11 states, namely; Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, West Virginia and of course, Tennessee! It is recognized as one of the leading choices for gutter services by industry groups like the BBB and HomeAdvisor. You’ll be thrilled to note that they offer competitive pricing, deep rebates, and Senior and Military discounts. 

Music City Exteriors

comes in next as highly recommended contractors here in Nashville. Not only do they guarantee you in providing you excellent service for your roofing and guttering needs, but they also take extra pride in ensuring you of assisting you with the best insurance claims there is to get them done as fast and thoroughly. As noted on various client testimonials, you, too, could experience the same seamless excellence on your roof and your budget. 

Best Gutter Repairs in Nashville

AmeraPina LLC

AmeraPina LLC is a smaller family owner company we like to brag about on the West side of Nashville. AmeraPina is a gutter guard – cover company that has reasonable wholesale pricing. They also take pride in there five star rating that was earned through Home Advisor. AmeraPina LLC also takes smaller gutter repairs that a lot of the bigger companies pass by. You can also see Mr. Weems past work on the Facebook page, Nashville Gutter Covers.

MidSouth Construction

These contractors have also been long-time players in the industry for a decade and have since been accredited and awarded A+ by the BBB since 2011. With recognizable performances in both Residential and Commercial Roofing, they have pretty much “covered homes and properties from all over Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Goodlettsville, Mt. Juliet, and (you guessed it!) Nashville!

Baker Roofing Company

Founded by William Prentiss Baker on September 20, 1915, the Baker Roofing Company was formerly known as Baker Rawls Tin Shop. Also known to be the 2nd largest contractor in the nation with over 20 locations nationwide. Definitely a heritage of the industry.

Mobley Brothers Roofing and Restoration

Again ranking top for your Gutter repair needs. Whether there’s a leak, hole, or your gutter needs some love, these guys can extend you that brotherly hand and love for your homes.

Best Gutter Cleaning in Nashville

Jewell Roofing & Exteriors

These roofing experts boast a 30-year experience in providing excellent service through the years. Proof positive of that is the back-to-back Seal of Satisfaction Award and Perfection Award from Carlisle that it gained back in 2017. Jewell Roofing & Exteriors continue to pursue the same excellence level they have promised, if not higher.

Window Gang

Founded by Tim McCullen in 1986, the company initially provided window cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients in North Carolina and has recently expanded and covered wider areas including Nashville and vast cleaning services like gutter cleaning for more than 33 years.

Recently, people have been finding more and more ways to improve the costs of maintaining their homes, especially with our pandemic situation. Noting that not everyone could afford Gutter cleaning services, Gutter Guards have become a hit for those who’d want to keep their gutter systems as well as their budget well-maintained. 

What are Gutter Guards? They are hardware pieces that one installs to cover your gutter systems to help keep off debris like leaves and twigs, keeping your gutters from being blocked while still letting rainwater flow effortlessly.

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Why Install Gutter Guards in Your Nashville Home?

1. Low Maintenance Costs – once we keep debris off of your gutter systems, the less likely we are to spend on gutter cleaning services which, according to HomeAdvisor, the National Average Cost for Gutter Cleaning averages about $158.00, as it typically ranges between $118-$225, with a low end costing about $75 to about $350, high end. Compared to installing Gutter Guards, which ranges between $7.50 to $10 per linear foot installed, this could save you more time and money than having the cost of a twice-a-year gutter cleaning routine.

2. Reduces Risks of Fire – since gutter guards tend to keep the debris off the gutters and easily move from time to time without hiring contractors, it will be easier to do DIY maintenance and therefore avoid having fires having these light and flammable materials off of your roof

3. Helps Prevent Animal/Pest Infestation – not only do these gutter guards keep debris off of your roof, but with the correct type of gutter guards, you can also keep animal droppings, eggs, and even inhabitants off of them too. Gutter guards come in various types, and selecting the best one for your area can make a huge difference. 

4. Reduces Ice / Decreases the Likelihood of Dam Formation -Winter times could also pose a threat, and getting your gutter systems frozen could also mean freezing your budget for maintenance. Gutter Guards can significantly reduce ice formation on your gutters, which means more savings for you. 

When Making Contractor Choices – Be sure to take your time to research the company you choose. The internet is a good start for finding the perfect choice for your situation. More than likely, you can go to your favorite search engine, and type in ratings for and the company name. You will find the good, bad, and the ugly if you look hard enough.

There are plenty of ratings out there to go around, and if you can not find a company’s ratings on the internet, they are probably not a reputable company, or possibly they are just new.

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