The life expectancy of gutters differs depending on their material and their quality of installation and maintenance over time. The following are the average life expectancy for common gutter materials: 

Wood25 to 50 years depending on the wood used; redwood tends to last longer 
ZincBetween 80 and 90 years 
Steel25+ years
Copper50+ years
Aluminum20 years
Vinyl15 years 

These are only estimated years since the actual number of years your home’s gutters will last will depend on several factors, including their installation and care, as mentioned above. Seamless gutters, for example, are more durable than seamed gutter because of their specific design – there are no expansion joints and breaks in seamless gutters, and, thus, leaks and other sources of damage are less common. There are also fewer welded areas where debris can accumulate in seamless gutters, contributing to their 20+ years lifespan. 

The quality of care for gutters also determines their actual lifespan. Regular cleaning is a must for all types of gutters, among other maintenance measures. 

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