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Rain gutters are a critical addition to your home’s roofing system and overall structure. As rainwater falls over into a rain gutter system, the downspouts should properly drain and channel the water away from your foundation, to protect your house against decay and avoid saturating the soil or foundation around it–all without compromising its structural layout. As a good rule of thumb, it is a good idea to send water away from the house at least 6 feet.

There are numerous gutter options out there, and they come in all designs, types, and installation methods. You want the to know, first of all, about finding the best fit for your needs based on several factors, such as materials and accessories, size, degree of effectiveness, maintenance requirements, overall quality, and price.

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At GutterFix.com, we understand it is equally important to know about gutter installation rules, standards, and codes in your state or area, as they relate to rainwater collection or harvesting, or the utilization of rainwater for domestic or agricultural purposes. We have a dedicated section for that as well.

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