We here at Gutter Fix, are on a mission to supply the most accurate true to life information about gutters, and any issues addressing the fixing of gutters.

I hope to bring you everything gutter related, from what you should prepare to pay per linear foot of gutter install, all the way to what you can do with gutter pieces as a hobby.

For you, do-it-yourselfers out there, we plan to have a large library of do it yourself information, from cutting corner miters, to making a water catchment system for you people that like to live off the grid, or maybe you just want to have free water for your garden. We have provided state-by state-rules that tell you if you are allowed to do that or not in your state.

For you, professional gutter people out there, we plan to price search, give ratings on products, such as gutter machines for example. We also will look for any kind of cost advantage to help you out in your everyday business life. We will also be asking for any tips from you to make gutter knowledge easier for everyone. Yes, we want you to get the customers, but we all have respect for that guy that masters something, with just a little guidance!

We plan to rate anything and everything, we can find about gutters, gutter accessories, such as gutter covers or gutter guards, what tools are the best, for the best prices? As a gutter professional myself, I will share my opinions throughout the website. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and will take you through all three in our ratings.

John Weems
Gutter Fix is written by John Weems of AmeraPina LLC out of his office at 5906 Charlotte Pike, Unit E, Nashville TN, 37209.